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  • 1 BOARD
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM composed of specific plastic bearing balls in order to avoid corrosion, with a self-cleaning system using water pressure
  • 1 BIG HOSE which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Flyboard®
  • 1 180° ELBOW which reverses the PWC water outlet
  • 1 NOZZLE
  • 1 QUICK CLIP for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® and the PWC

Price: $6,100.00

*Note: All purchasers of the Flyboard® Package will be required to complete a course on how to operate the Flyboard. The fee for this class is $300.00.
Jetski is require and not included. Flyboard® Package does not include adapter kit for PWC. You must select the adapter kit that best fits your PWC. PWC does not drive after the flyboard is installed unless you purchase the QUICK NOZZLE ADAPTER.

EMK (Electronic Management Kit) PACKAGE*:
Allows the rider on the Flyboard® to control their own throttle and start/stop of the jet ski
  • 1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER AND START/STOP SWITCH which send a signal to an electronic card in the PWC
  • 1 ELECTRIC CABLE linked with the electronic card
  • 1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM composed of a learning mode which manage power
  • 1 ELECTRICAL MOTOR inside the electric box
  • 1 ACCELERATOR CABLE which links the electrical motor and throttle body
  • 1 ELECTRIC BEAM to connect the PWC (start/stop, cut out box)
  • 1 ADAPTATOR which is different according to the PWC model which allows adaptation between PWC and the nozzle

Price: $1,850.00

*Note: EMK is not installed. Installation of the EMK is an additional $750.00 with labor warranty. If installed by customer, warranty does not include owner installed labor issues.

Allows you to not have to dedicate a Jet Ski just for Flyboarding. The Quick Nozzle Adapter helps you switch from Jet Ski to Flyboard® and back within 1 minute
  • 2 QUICK BALL CONNECTORS for quick steering and reverse

Price: $600.00

All prices are subject to change without notice.